Baby Boomers The Movie

Jerry at 55 and on a mission to find love; What could possibly happen? .

Our Movie

Wonder what a written list, the internet, and a generous helping of good old fashioned love advice will get you...

Based on an Amazon Bestseller

“Based on an Amazon bestseller the true story of its author Manny Carter, Baby Boomers is a romantic comedy about a middle-aged man’s dating mishaps in the internet era.”

“After his girlfriend of three years kicks him out into the streets of Las Vegas, protagonist Jerry finds himself broke and broken-hearted. He has two options: move back to his childhood town Lawrenceville or stick it out on his own. He chooses Option B.“

Manny Carter Baby Boomers Book

The Optimist

“The optimist in him knows that he can find someone, somewhere. What Jerry doesn’t know is that he’ll have to wade through Vegas weirdos, Daddy and Mommy issues, threesome enthusiasts, instances of microwave-induced animal deaths, and doomsday-prepping dominatrixes to find a genuine connection in this day and age.”

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Romantic comedy of dating mishaps in the internet era

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Manny Carter

Director & Best Selling Author on Amazon


Kelly & Manny

When it happens, it's Great!


Kelly Frank

Executive Assistant & Marketing Coordinator

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